Turkey to establish special naval forces for protecting its energy activities in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean

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Turkish daily Yeni Safak newspaper (28.11.18, https://www.yenisafak.com/gundem/deniz-timleri-geliyor-3411593) reports that Turkey which has intensified its oil and natural gas actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea, will establish a Special Naval Forces team aiming to protect its naval energy lines and its natural gas and oil seismic vessels and drilling platforms in the regions.

The paper adds that Turkey, which has launched the TurkStream project with Russia in the Black Sea and the Trans Anatolia Pipeline Project (TANAP) with Azerbaijan, continues its seismic researches with Oruc Reis and the Barbarros Hayereddin Pasa and at the same time has launched drillings offshore Alanya and Mersin, increases further its decisive steps in the energy war in the Eastern Mediterranean.  In this framework, Turkey has accelerates its works for establishing an alternative security structure which will protect the country’s interest.  As a first step, Turkey will establish for its energy security the “Naval Security Forces” which are expected to be ready to be active in 2023.

The “Naval Security Forces” will be tasked to provide security and take action against possible terrorist incidents in the sea. Even though the number and the content of these Special Forces have not been determined yet, the aim is that they will be ready to take action by 2023.