TURKISH LIES AND PROPAGANDA. The so called “bathtub massacre” and the Truth

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13 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

Eleftheria today and FOR THE RECORD restores the truth about one of the worst Turkish lies and propaganda against the Greeks of Cyprus:  that of the so called  “bathtub” massacre by the G/Cs.

This is of utmost necessity for the immediate information of our community, those who do not know the facts, but primarily for our young generation born here who do not know and have to face every so often the aggressive and offensive Turkish misleading posts on social media.

The massacre occurred. But it was never executed by the Greeks of Cyprus. That  that poor family was executed by  their own father and husband. Turkish Cypriot leader Raouf Denktash and Ankara, used it against the Greeks of Cyprus as part of their distorted facts, part of their Turkish misleading propaganda against the Greeks of Cyprus.

In order to enrich their propaganda lies all over the world, using the Foreign Press, they used a photograph with a mother and her three children, dead covered in blood in a bathtub.

The person who in 1963 photographed that horrific crime scene and whose photographs were used in the front line of Turkish propaganda was Turkish journalist Ahmed Baran.

In 1985, whilst Baran was head of the Turkish News Agency “Anatolu” in Athens, he revealed the true facts of that case to Greek Cypriot journalist Costas Yennaris (working for the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation).  He said:

“The crime was committed in a state of range by Turkish Major Nihat IIhan, who was serving at the time with the Turkish Contingent in Cyprus, and victims were his wife and his children. His house (where the crime was committee) was in the centre of the Turkish neighbourhood an area where no Greek-Cypriot forces ever went”.

Costas Yennaris wrote the following in his book:

“… That night, though, he left me speechless. Without warning, without any preparation Ahmet said to me: “ You know that photograph with the three children and their mother murdered in a bath, I took that picture…”

He said he was in Cyprus at the time, to cover the inter-communal conflict of 1963. One evening, as he was having coffee with some friends in a bar in the Turkish quarter of Nicosia, two armed men came in and asked him to accompany them. He was taken by car to the house where the crime was committed. Upon arrival, he saw that the place was already covered with other armed men and officers of the Turkish Contingent  in Cyprus, who ordered him to photograph the crime.

He did as ordered, and then one of the armed soldiers asked him to hand over the film and forget what he did and what he saw.

Ahmet wanted to find out what really had happened and he did.

“The father of the 3 children had gone mad. He executed his children and his wife and then he disappeared He was taken away by the Turkish military, to appear again in service 24 years later somewhere deep in Anatolia, re-married…”

Ahmet told Yennaris that the crime did not even take place in Omorphita, as Turkish propaganda claims, It was executed in an area deep in the heart of the Turkish quarter of Nicosia where no Greek Cypriots could reach…

Costas Yennaris added in his book:

“Researching for my book, I came across many other incidents of similar cover-up that serviced the Turkish interests and the Goals Ankara and TMT had put in motion as their policy in Cyprus…”

Ahmet Baran wanted to tell the truth to someone, he did not want to die without uncovering that grave injustice done to the Greek Cypriots. He told Costas Yennaris about it, with the proviso “Yennaris would not say anything as long as Baran was till alive”. Yennaris kept his word. He only revealed the true story following the death of Ahmet Baran.

Denktash’ “logic”

Raouf Denktash , 26 years later, publicly confessed to the reasons of that international sabotage as a necessity for the mobilization of the Turkish – Cypriot people against the Greeks.

For instance TMT used exactly the same method in 1962, when it bombed the Bairaktari Mosque in the Greek neighbourhood of Nicosia blaming the Greeks for the explosion.

(TMT – Turk Mukavemet Teskilan-  translated :  Turkish Resistance Organisation was a Turkish Cypriot pro-taksim (pro-partition)  paramilitary organisation formed by Rauf Denktaş and Turkish military officer Rıza Vuruşkan in 1958)

“Useful deads”

Evidence by Turkish-Cypriot teacher Sevim Ulfet who found herself in a clinic during the incidents of 27th January 1958 when she accidently met with Raouf Denktash:

“The clinic was full of injured and dead. At one point I saw Denktash and said to him: “For God’s name, give the order to stop these killings”. And he gave me the following answer: “These dead, are useful to us. It is with them that we will make our voice heard all over the world”. Then why don’t you and Dr. Kutchuk die? That way our voice will be heard even louder” I replied”.

(From Arif HasanTaksin’s book. Ulus Ulfet brother of teacher Sevim Ulfet was killed in Omorphita 30 August 1957, together with Mustafa Ertan, Kumpilae Altaili and Ismail Beloglou by a bomb they were manufacturing).

From the bilingual book “Bloody Truth-Αιματηρή Αλήθεια” published in Nicosia in 2009 by the Movement for Freedom and Justice in Cyprus.

Note: Dr. Nihat-Ilhan returned to the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus in 2010 to  visit his house and told journalists that that Greek journalist Yennaris was lying. But he did not make any reference as to who had told Yennaris the facts ie. Turkish journalist Ahmed Baran. Nihat Ilhan died in Ankara in November 2016.

Το δίγλωσσο βιβλίο « Αιματηρή αλήθεια – Bloody truth» μπορείτε να το διαβάσετε δωρεάν εδώ:

The bilingual book « Αιματηρή αλήθεια – Bloody truth» you can read free of charge here:


source:http://www.eleftheria.co.uk/pdf/1213201834032Eleftheria_958.pdf  13 Δεκεμβρίου 2018, σελίδα 20.