“Yavuz will be sent off for drilling on Thursday” 

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Under the above title, Turkish Anatolia News Agency (18.06.19, https://www.sondakika.com/haber/haber-yavuz-persembe-gunu-sondaja-ugurlanacak-12155819/) reports that Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Donmez has said that Yavuz drilling vessel was upgraded at the shipyard and that they would send it off to the Eastern Mediterranean on Thursday. “And around the beginning of July, they will start their first drilling in the area for which we are licensed by the TRNC”, he noted replying to a question of Anatolia news agency’s correspondent in Japan, in the side-lines of the G20 Energy and Environment Ministers’ Summit.

Donmez said that Fatih vessel was continuing its drillings for natural gas in the area named Finike-1 in the open sea of Cyprus and that the depth of the water there was around 2,300 meters. He added:

“Our drilling at the moment has exceeded 3,000 meters. Our targeted depth is to go down to around 5000-5500 meters below the surface of the sea. We have a daily working program of approximately 100-120 meters. We will reach the targeted point around the end of July. Of course there is something we have been saying from the beginning. There are no guarantees in this job. We do not have the opportunity to know what is there and what is not there before carrying out a drilling. Of course we are hopeful there as well. Those who try to throw Turkey outside the energy equation in the Eastern Mediterranean realize that there is no realistic solution without Turkey, but they cannot say it”.

Reiterating the allegation that Turkey would defend the rights of their kinsmen in Cyprus and the “TRNC”, Donmez claimed that they were in favour of a “fair sharing”. 

Noting that they were carrying their operations to a great extent with local personnel, Donmez said that they were continuously increasing their local personnel and added that they would continue their drillings with Fatih and Yavuz vessels both in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Donmez recalled that Turkey possessed also two seismic exploration vessels and that Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa vessel continued its seismic explorations in the areas licensed by the “TRNC” and area licensed by Turkey.