Akdag: “Turkey knows very well the importance of its guarantee in Cyprus”

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According to illegal Bayrak television (16.05.18, http://www.brtk.net/?english_posts=akdag-in-the-trnc-2), Turkish Deputy Prime Minister also in charge of Cyprus Affairs Recep Akdag paid illegal visits to “state and government officials” today as part of his contacts in the “TRNC”.

He met with the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, self-styled prime minister Tufan Erhurman and self-styled deputy prime minister foreign minister Kudret Ozersay respectively.

His visit with Akinci was conducted closed to the press.

During his visit to Erhurman, Akdag referred to the events that are taking place in Palestine and said that the criminal acts of the Israelis are very saddening. “The country that is making its voice heard most regarding this issue is us and this is how it will continue. It is our duty to support our Muslim brothers”, Akdag added.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriot “people” were one of the “nations” that knew all too well the cruelty that is being experienced in Palestine, the Turkish deputy Prime Minister said that Turkey will always support the Turkish Cypriot “people”.

Noting that Turkey knew very well the importance of its guarantee in Cyprus and was once again reminded of this with the current events in Israel, Akdag said: “It is our duty to provide security and protection for the Turkish Cypriots. We cannot separate our past, present or future”.

He said that Turkey will accelerate cooperation with the “TRNC” in order for “northern Cyprus” to develop and for peace and prosperity to increase in the “country”.

Erhurman, for his part, said that what was being experienced in Palestine had deeply saddened the Turkish Cypriots as well and added that the developments were unacceptable. He said that the developments were raising questions regarding peace in the region and added that the reactions coming from around the world were not sufficient. “In regards to world peace this situation is worrisome”, said Erhurman.

Meanwhile tonight the Turkish deputy Prime Minister will take part in a fast breaking dinner given by the Cyprus Vakıflar Administration.

The Fast Breaking dinner and program will take place at the occupied part of Lefkosia Selimiye Mosque [Cathedral of Saint Sophia] square.