Turkey sends Yavuz vessel for oil exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean; Donmez “calls on non-regional actors not to be part of unlawful plans”; Erdogan sends message to Yavuz crew

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Turkey sends Yavuz vessel for oil exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean; Donmez “calls on non-regional actors not to be part of unlawful plans”; Erdogan sends message to Yavuz crew

Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily news (20.06.19-http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-to-drill-near-cyprus-karpas-for-three-months-minister-144353) reported that Turkey sent a second drilling vessel, Yavuz, to east Mediterranean Sea on June 20 that will begin hydrocarbon explorations off the coast of the Cyprus island in early July.    

Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez said during an official ceremony that the Yavuz vessel will reach a drilling depth of 3,300 meters in Karpaz-1 well, which is located at Bay of occupied Famagusta and will finish its operations in three months.    

Turkey already has a drilling ship, Fatih, working in the region. Fatih vessel is operating in waters west of Cyprus island while Yavuz will operate in the east.    

“The Greek Cypriot administration does not have a right to take decisions on its own or even have a say in any matter concerning the whole island,” said Donmez.    

(…)“We would also like to warn some non-regional actors who have partnered with the Greek Cypriot administration. Do not pursue illusions that have no end and cannot achieve any results. Don’t be part of unlawful plans,” Donmez stressed.    

“We were here yesterday. We are here today and we will be here again tomorrow. No power can change this historical truth,” he added.     

Donmez further said that Turkey does not accept any of the efforts of non-regional actors to determine the boundaries of the region by substituting themselves as an international court or decision-making authority.  “We will fully defend the legitimate rights of our country and the TRNC in the Mediterranean. We will continue our drilling activities, which is rooted in our own legitimate rights. Yavuz will show the nation’s determination to the whole world once again,” he said.    

Donmez alleged further that Turkey always defended the distribution of the riches of Cyprus and the Mediterranean in a fair manner.    

Yavuz, which has a full-spectrum capability for offshore drilling, came from Malaysia to Turkey in February.     

It generates its electricity from diesel fuel generators with a capacity of 42 megawatts and has 7.5 million liters of fuel capacity.    

Yavuz, whose construction was completed in 2011, previously worked in different countries, such as in Tanzania, Kenya, Malaysia and the Philippines.    

On the same issue, Turkish daily Sabah (20.06.19-https://www.dailysabah.com/energy/2019/06/20/turkeys-second-drillship-yavuz-to-operate-in-east-of-cyprus-by-july) reported that Turkey’s second drilling ship will operate off the Karpas Peninsula to the northeast of the island of Cyprus, Turkey’s main oil exploration company Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) General Manager Melih Han Bilgin said on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters prior to the launching ceremony of Turkey’s Yavuz drilling ship in Belde Port in the Dilovası district of northwestern Kocaeli province, Bilgin said that the vessel was scheduled to start drilling in the region in early July.

“Based on seismic works launched five to six years ago, the exact location of the first drill of Yavuz will be determined by geology and geophysics studies of the vessel and it will take place at a depth of approximately 1,000 meters on the seabed and some 3,000 meters of drilling will be made”, Bilgin said, adding that the ship will move to its second location once the first drill is completed.

Bilgin said further that Fatih would continue to operate in waters west of Cyprus while Yavuz will operate in the east. He said that the two ships have identical features, providing advantages in operation. He also noted that the ships would also carry out drilling in the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Bilgin stated further they have no information regarding the arrest warrants, and related institutions in the Turkish state are taking necessary measures.

“We have no hesitation in carrying out our work in both areas licensed to us by the Republic of Turkey or in licensed zones transferred to our institution by the TRNC. We do not care much about what the opposite part (of the island) is doing,” Bilgin said.


Meanwhile, Turkish daily Sabah (21.06.19) reports that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in written statement on Thursday,  he send a written message to Yavuz drill ship crew pointing out that Ankara’s determination is to protect the rights of Turkey and the “TRNC” Erdogan wished the crew of the Yavuz success on its historic mission and expressed confidence that it will be successful.

He said that protecting the rights of the “TRNC” was a priority for Turkey as a guarantor country.

“The Yavuz is the most concrete proof and expression of Turkey’s resolve on the matter. I believe we shall be hearing of good news from both the Fatih and the Yavuz in the near future”, Erdogan added.