Columnist estimates that population reached 700,000 in the occupied area of Cyprus

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Writing in Turkish Cypriot newspaper Yeni Düzen (27.09.19) columnist Sami Ozuslu reports that the population in the occupied area of Cyprus is estimated 700 thousands. Under the title “Is our population 700 thousands?” Ozuslu notes that recent data given by the “information technologies and communication council” created his desire to make some calculations on the issue.  Recalling that according to these data, the active SIM cards in the occupied area of Cyprus are 880 thousands, Ozuslu estimates that some of them belong to persons who have two SIM cards or many for using them in gambling. He notes also the following:

“Let us accept that the total of the SIM card holders who are in these two categories are 100 thousands. Let us erase another 80 thousands off-the-cuff. What is left? 700 thousands. There are also children and elder people, who do not use cell phones. Even if we do not add them, however, the number is there”.