Turkey to carry out five drillings for oil and natural gas in 2020

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Turkish Cypriot illegal Bayrak in Turkish (04.11.19, https://www.brtk.net/dogal-gaz-ve-petrolde-5-deniz-sondaji-yapilacak/) broadcasts that the “Presidency’s 2020 Annual Program” has been published in the Official Gazette in Turkey. Estimations and expectations regarding the energy and mining sector are included in the program, notes Bayrak, adding that according this program, five drillings for oil and natural gas are planned for 2020, including the ones in areas for which the “TRNC” had “given licence” to Turkey.

It is said that the target is to carry out 2D seismic surveys of an area of 3,000 kilometres and 3D surveys of an area of 20,207 kilometres. Within the framework of the program, Turkey plans to open five wells in these areas by conducting explorations for shale gas and marsh gas. An investment of 13 billion 864 million Turkish Liras is expected in the energy sector in 2020.

The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is included among the targets of the program. Its first unit is expected to function in 2023 and the others by the end of 2026, with a difference of one year.

Turkey’s demand for electricity is estimated to increase to 329,6 billion kilowatts per hour (kw/h) in 2020, while the demand for the current year is estimated to be 315,2 billion kw/h. 

The estimated share of natural gas in electricity production is 29,5% in 2019 and 27,2% in 2020. The share of renewable energy resources in electricity production is expected to increase to 36,4% in 2020.